Can anyone help me with this issue, please?

After I upgraded to Accounts Personal Plus 2022, my data files appear to load because the totals in the side-bar are displayed. But the detail in the centre window is blank. What should I do?

I have:

Reckon Personal Plus 2022 R1 - always kept up-to-date;

Windows 10 - always kept up-to-date;

Lenovo Think Pad - always kept up-to-date;

Multiple back ups and the current file is the size it out to be!

Since Reckon fails to support this product, refuses to answer questions and otherwise ignores this customer base, I hope someone can provide a solution!




  • Rav
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    The first thing I'd suggest doing is to validate and super validate your file. I'll link a walkthrough on this from our help site below -

    Secondly, I'd also recommend that you ensure your file name is less than 8 characters in length.

    Finally, if you don't have any joy from the above, then I'd recommend performing a clean uninstall/reinstall of your software which you'll find info on below -

  • Bashendi
    Bashendi Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for this Rav.

    I have reduced the size of the file-names and rationalized the location of all my backups.

    I found an earlier file that opens and appears to have all my data displayed. Before I did anything I tried to backup the file and got 2 error messages: 1. "Unable to write to drive C"; and 2. is attached "Reckon Accounts has encountered a problem....".

    I don't want to touch anything unless I can save the amended files!

    What next Rav?



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,087 Community Manager Community Manager

    If you've opened another file successfully and the other continues to experience issues it could be related to corruption in the file itself.

    Did you perform a clean uninstall & reinstall as outlined above? This will fully rule out whether there is anything within the software install that is contributing to it so I'd recommend performing that if you haven't already.

    I'll also add an article below which I'd recommend that you review -

  • Bashendi
    Bashendi Member Posts: 6

    Thanks very much Rav

    I'll work through this and your first email and get back to you.

    Out of interest, do you do this out of love for Reckon products or are you a Reckon staff member?



  • Bashendi
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    Hi Rav

    All the instructions were closely followed (see my log below), but still we have a problem:

    ran backup -> error message "Unable to write to Drive C", "A backup error occurred, check your files", No files were backed up.

    That's the issue that STILL remains.

    What now please?

    Is there someone in Reckon I can call or who can call me? I really need this fixed and I'm not happy that Reckon doesn't care.




    MY LOG

    Ran: sfc /scannow;

    Downloaded: new RAPP2022 file;

    Deleted: currently installed RAPP2022 R 1 (ver.;

    restarted laptop;

    installed: new RAPP2022 R 1 file (no ver. number);

    Programme opened;

    Data file loaded totals, but no detail in centre window (same as before);

    Used Revo Uninstall to delete RAPP 2022;

    Ran sfc /scannow;


    Run (Admin) RAPP2022.exe file;

    Opens :This is not an MS App" -> Install anyway -> locked, no action took 5-6 tries for it to install;

    Data file loaded, totals on side-bar, no detail data in central window (as before);

    Run Super Validate:

    3-4 error messages and programme closed!;

    a report was generated on the way through this process: "Your report ID is 281497029" which went to Reckon;

    re-opened prog, data file loaded and data displayed!;

    Run Super validate

    Closed prog.

    Restarted programme; data file displayed (hooray);

    ran backup -> error message "Unable to write to Drive C", "A backup error occurred, check your files" (same as before);

    No files were backed up.

  • Bashendi
    Bashendi Member Posts: 6

    Hi Rav

    Thank you for your advice so far.

    Our conversation seems to have petered out and I wonder if you have any advice of where I might turn to for support.

    Any and all advice would be great to have.



  • Rav
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    Hi Bashendi,

    The only further thing I can suggest at this point is to submit a request to our Data Services team so they can take a look at the file.

    I can't make any guarantees that this will provide a solution to whatever is impacting your file however its the next (and final step) in the process.

    You'll need to provide the following;

    • a copy of the back up file that can be successfully opened and contains data
    • a copy of the file that is current but has the problem you're currently contending with
    • a backup copy of the file BEFORE it was upgraded to the current 2022 edition

    To initiate a data service case please click the button below, complete the web form and our Data Services team will be in touch with you directly to advise the next steps in the process.

  • Bashendi
    Bashendi Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Rav

    That's the issue, though; the file loads, but does not fully display in the main section of the window, just the totals.

    Before the update they displayed and I have done nothing to them but keep the system up-to-date.

    I assume the file is complete because of its size and because I have religiously taken backups, so have many to choose from.