Submission has been rejected by the ATO

Have been using STP app and Recon Payroll app since 28/11/2019 and have managed to get EOFY 2021 successfully processed. However, last year, suddenly, unbeknownst to me...I had 6 fortnightly pay-runs Rejected by the ATO.

The error message relating to this is always:-

"Submission has been Rejected by the ATO

 Please review the ATO's response below and make the necessary adjustment

   The value specified for an item does not match the item type(value="-25.2", item type = Decimal,

    uniqueID = Hint: The MinInclusive constraint failed."

Thereafter, this has become a regular occurrence and finally, I was unable to submit any more payruns at all as I get a "Something has gone wrong" message during the course of inputting my only employees details.

Whilst all this was happening I tried numerous approaches:-

1) Contacting the entity which generated the error message.

2) Contacting the Ato.

3) Contacting the chatbots on the "premium" help system.

All to no avail 😕

My current situation is as follows:-

1) I cannot finalize my Tax for 2022.

2) My (soon to be disgruntled) employee is also unable to finalize his return.

3) I cannot proceed with my STP obligations as I now have almost a years worth of returns which have been thoroughly trashed ! There doesn't seem to be anyone out there who is prepared to engage with me on what I should do next !

I operate a small business with ONE employee and I feel quite out of my depth in operating a fully-fledged payroll application.

Any suggestions as to what my next step should be ?

Is there some form of manual alternative available ? It used to take me around 4 hours or less to to do a years worth of reports manually.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Vic999

    Thanks for providing the details on this. Can I just clarify, are you able to successfully login to the Payroll App at the moment or does it immediately result in the 'Something went wrong' error message that you've mentioned above?

    Or does this message appear at some point in the process of creating a pay run itself?

    Are you able to access the employee's profile to review that all of their details are accurate and complete?

  • Vic999
    Vic999 Member Posts: 6

    Hi Rav,

    Yes I can log in and the details for the employee have not changed recently.

    It now gives me an error message when I am in the process of creating a new payrun for him.

  • Rav
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    Thanks for getting back to me @Vic999

    Lets try to break this down into stages.

    Firstly, the error message that you've listed in your opening post for your previous STP submissions relate to an issue with what looks to be the gross pay, specifically where its a negative ie. the -25.2 in the error.

    We'll need to review what/how you're entering your pays but the more pressing aspect though is your inability to create any pay runs at all right now.

    Can I get you to do a couple of things;

    • first ensure that you're running the latest version of the Payroll App which currently is v2.24.45. Check your app store for any available updates to download & install for your app.
    • If you're already up to date and the error continues to appear when attempting to create a pay, can you please take a screenshot of the error and send it through here along with letting me know the ABN you've registered to your Payroll App account. I'll see if I can get my devs to investigate.

    Separately, have there been any changes that you can recall when it comes to either the company information or anything else since the last time you were able to successfully send through payruns and STP submissions?

  • Vic999
    Vic999 Member Posts: 6

    Yes I have been running Version 2.24.45 till now.

    I'm not sure how I can now run test payruns whilst there are 12 fortnightly runs which have been rejected.

    surely that means that the figures for last year and this year are already trashed ?

    I don't see how we can ignore that and just try to go on with stuff which is clearly faulty.

    I have never paid my employee a negative Gross Wage, that would mean that I would be charging him money fro the privilege of doing work for me ? (12 times since 2019 ???)

  • Vic999
    Vic999 Member Posts: 6

    Its up to you how you want to approach this, but I would say that seeing as I have successfully uploaded 66 Pay runs, and a random 12 pay runs were rejected due to this error its far more likely to be some form of corruption occurring when the upload is being verified or whatever happens at the ATO's end. I have not made any significant changes to how this person's pay is being calculated. Just saying, the pay runs are all in the Recon cloud, maybe you can check where the differences are likely to be ? Just saying...