Payables Reconciliation Report

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I am trying to locate a report that I can use to reconcile my payables for the month.

I would like to be able to see everything that has been paid during the month so that I can make sure I have an invoice for every transaction at that every thing balances.

Could someone please point me in the direction of this report?

Thank you


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    Try supplier balance detail

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    I have looked at this report however it only shows me what bills where entered, and the total amount paid per supplier on any given day. eg. I have 4 invoices for a particular supplier for August. I paid this supplier twice during the month. Once for 1 of the invoices and the second time for 3 of them. This shows on the report as the first payment for the 1st invoice and the second payment for the total amount of the 3, however because 2 of these 3 are July invoices these amounts are not listed individually on this report.

    I just need to see each invoice and its number and amount that were paid in any given month.

    Thank you

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    Hi MMC

    Check the date range - you should be able to see ALL transactions - Bills, Credits & Payments - within a particular period.

    Do you enter what Bills you're paying in the payment Memo ? If so, add in the Description column:

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