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We have a client that has used the wrong ABN (for sometime) when lodging their STP wages. We need to correct FY2023 for July - Oct 2022 to the new ABN. How can we do that through STP, I'm understand the impression that I can not reverse the totals for the YTD?

The correct ABN will need to be added to gov connect is that right?



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,678 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @RachelDFKCrosbie

    There are couple of things you'll need to do, the first is you'll need to 'zero out' the balances that have been sent under the incorrect ABN by performing a nil STP submission. Check out the step by step instructions in the guide linked below -

    Once the above has been completed the next step is you'll need to create a new STP entity for the correct ABN in GovConnect. You can do so by clicking the 'Add Product' option and registering the correct ABN (example below).

    You will need to register the Software ID of this new entity with the ATO prior to sending through any new STP submissions.

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