Is Reckon Hosted bringing out update to deal with STP Phase 2 (specifically All Purpose Allowance)s

I contacted Reckon today they could not give me any information on a new roll out.I am still trying to figure out how to deal with all purpose allowances and STP Phase 2. How are we supposed to know how the programe will handle this and what we have to do if it has not yet been rolled out. It seems all agencies involved want to pass the buck .

ATO on their website state

"Many awards include allowances that are added to an employee's hourly rate and are paid 'for all purposes'.In STP Phase 2, you must separately report all-purpose allowances against the relevant allowance type. It's important that these allowances can be identified because they're treated differently in different situations, and not being able to identify them may disadvantage your employee."

So it seems they def have to be seperate but that means a bit of work as the program stands as far as I can see. Some of us might be lucky enough to have a Christmas break which means we only have weeks to go I would love to get this sorted ASAP any info would be appreaciated.



  • Rav
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    Hi @NarellePaterson

    We have a deferral in place for all our customers and partners from STP Phase 2 reporting requirements to 30 June 2023 next year. More info linked below.

    We’re working pretty closely with the ATO on this and our teams are head-down working on the introduction of functionality, workflows and processes to not only bring in the requirements for STP Phase 2 but also make the transition over as smooth as possible.

    Rest assured, we'll be making a fair bit of noise when it comes to letting our customers and partners know about handling the additional reporting requirements as it starts moving toward completion. In the meantime though, everyone will be receiving an email in the next week or two in regard to the deferral extension.

    Hopefully that puts your mind at ease a bit and you can look forward to the Xmas break 🙂🎅

  • NarellePaterson
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    Thank you Rav I did not know about the extended deferral I wonder how I missed that info maybe the chap I rang today from Reckon could have informed me it may have eased my mind ....a little 😀