Gmail still asking for password when sending emails

I have just reverted back to gmail and have updated my accounts desktop with this in my preferences. I have also followed the directions to set up the app password in my google account as per previous reckon community instructions. It says that it will only be needed to be done once.

However, each time I open my desktop accounts I am asked to re-enter the password each time I need to send the first invoice, so then I have to go back into my google password manager and copy/paste my 16 digit generated password that was created when I set it up.

Is this going to happen each time I open reckon accounts to send an invoice? I thought I only had to send that generated password once, not each time I open the program. Is there a way to get around this new problem? I understand I only need to set it up once, but I also assumed I only had to enter it once, not each time the program is opened.

Hoping someone can enlighten me.


Priscilla Ognenis


  • Rav
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    Morning Priscilla

    There is no change in the workflow within Reckon Accounts when using a Google app password vs a regular email account password.

    You will be prompted to enter the password on the first occasion you're sending an outbound email eg. invoice in your session. You won't be asked to enter the password again within the same session. If you close the software that will end your session and you'll be required to enter the password the next time you send your first email after reopening the software.

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator Posts: 13,467 Community Manager Community Manager