SCA Property Group (ASX:SCP)

On 28th November 2022, SCA Property Group (ASX:SCP) rebranded and is now known as Region RE Limited and has changed it's ASX code to ASX:RGN. Reckon hasn't updated the share price since 25th November. I have changed the symbol from SCP to RGN in the edit Security Detail section and Reckon won't pick up the change or should I say doesn't recognise the new ASX code. Anyone else have this issue or suggest a fix?


  • Rav
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    I've just added the RGN ticker to my installation of Personal Plus as a test with the configuration you see to the left.

    I then ran an update which has updated the price information and provided the following results below -

  • Michael Holmes
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    Thanks for the reply Rav, I hadn't changed the name from SCA Property Group to Region RE but since I changed the name to Regio RE and did an update, it is up to date now. Can you tell me why the Look Up Symbol for the stock code RGN yields no results?

  • adut0610
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