How do I stop invoices and other documents from auto-printing?

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Every PDF I create (invoices, packing slips etc) tries to print as soon as it is opened. It appears to be a script placed in the PDF code by Reckon. We have tried different PDF apps but the same thing happens. Any suggestions out there?



  • Kris_Williams
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    I found this from a previous post

    I use PDF 995 and have never seen this problem. I am also in touch with a number of users and they have never had this problem either using various programs. Read John's post, hope it can help

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    January 27

    My belief is that this has to do with the PDF printer you are using as the final step in creating the PDF copy. Ever since I have used the option "Microsoft Print to PDF" when printing/saving, I no longer have this problem. Prior to that, every receipt (in my case) would automatically print if it was opened.

  • AnwilNZ
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    I have tried a different PDF printer (Foxit & Adobe) and both have the same with a print script embedded in the PDF. This only happens from Reckon and not from other programs I use.

  • John Graetz
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    I have had others tell me that they have this same problem. My solution is always the one that works for me and also for them. When I want to create say a PDF of a receipt, I select the Print option from within the receipt window, which then generates a receipt. I then click on the Printer Icon (top right hand of the screen), which then asks me to select the Printer Destination. I always then select the Microsoft Print to PDF option, and no longer does anybody then (including me) have the document automatically print. No other method seems to work other than this one, which is a very simple solution. John L G