Correcting Super Salary Sacrifice Error

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Hi. We had a staff member leave in December 2022. She advised that she did not want any super salary sacrifice amount to be taken out of her final payout. Unfortunately I only changed the actual dollar amount coming off the payment and not the Deductions/Company Contributions amount so now the salary sacrifice amount is different to the co cont on my payroll report. Also we have basically overpaid her by $100. How do I correct this?


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    Hi Carolyn

    The paycheque should match what you actually paid so open it back up & select the Unlock … option at the bottom to edit it. You can then delete this line out. NOTE: As the SS should have reduced the PAYG Tax, you may need to edit this amount so the net pay matches your actual payment.

    Not sure what you mean by being overpaid as that $ 100 is still the employee’s money - it just should have been paid to her (less PAYG) instead of to redirected to her super fund 😬

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    Many thanks Shaz. I unlocked the pay and adjusted the salary sacrifice super.

    By being overpaid, I meant that I deducted the SS amount from her final pay (in the summary section only unfortunately) - so she was actually paid as if no SS was deducted - but I have paid our super for the month and the SS amount was included.