eInvoicing for New Zealand customers

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Hi everyone, has anyone previously contacted Reckon regarding the need for eInvoicing to be extended to NZ customers as well as Australian? Our government is pushing for it, and I absolutely need it NOW, but Reckon does not do it. So annoying! It means I will have to change software.

Just thought I'd ask here in case this has already been covered by someone and (I say this optimistically) you know a start date. 🤔


  • tommy86
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    Hi Lesley,

    Great suggestion and we currently do have eInvoicing available for Australian customers. Please find more information below.

    We do have plans to introduce eInvoicing for our NZ customers in 2023 but I cannot be more specific with a date yet. The sooner the better but we are aiming for the first half of the year if possible.

    Thank you


  • Lesley_10865037
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    That's marvellous Tommy.