Leave Accruals from Casual to Permanent Part Time

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We have an employee converting from Casual to Permanent PT, working 16-20 hours/week effective 9 Jan 2023. To edit her payroll so that her Annual Leave (AL), Personal Leave (PL) and LSL are accrued correctly, kindly confirm if the following action is correct:

In "Leave Detail", under "Holiday" tab, select Accrual period as "Every hour" and enter "0.07694" in "Hours accrued per hour paid". Begin accruing time on date when PT position commences i.e. 9 Jan 2023. To leave "Reset hours each near year?" and "Leave Liability" boxes UNTICKED?

The same applies to "Personal" tab whereby "Accrual period" is selected as Every hour with the rate of "0.03833"?

In "Payroll Item List", to ensure that "Overtime" is NOT included in "Every hour worked" leave accruals?

Is that all is required when processing the employee's pay from Casual to PT? If AL is taken, apart from adding in the hours for "Holiday Hourly" and 17.5% loading, do I need to enter or edit anything else in Payroll?

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    Yes, that’s all correct - No other action required ☺️

    This ”Every hour …” method for leave accrual is the best option as it ensures accuracy even if the hours worked fluctuates ☺️

    The Holiday Loading Payroll Item is connected to/triggered only by using the Holiday Leave Payroll Item(s) eg it will automatically calculate 17.5% of the Holiday Leave total in a Paycheque.

    NB: TICK the Leave Liability checkboxes on both Leave tabs though - This ensures it is displayed on leave liability reports!

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    Thanks Shaz - much appreciated 😊