Share Values missing only cash value available.

When saving my Quicken today My share values have dropped out so that my investment only shows the cash available. in trying to use backup when I have installed that then the values drop out so whilst the actual figures and trades are there, there are no values in the totals on the side column.

How can I restore the values. PS I have recently been upgraded to windows 11 and suspect maybe something there? I am no computer brain but able to follow any clues given.

Appreciate help as I am stuck!



  • Slam
    Slam Member Posts: 2

    Hi again, I have just gone into my account, and I see that all the share trades etc. are there from 2019 but I seem to have lost them in my security detail view. Now what I need really is to be able to recapture those trades from a backed-up file is this possible. what seems to be happening is when I open a backed-up file I lose these and so the trades are in the transaction section but not in the Security detail view? Obviously, I could sit here for hours and re input all the prices for each and every share from 2019 but that would be a nightmare. so, I am hoping someone is able to assist me.

    Kind Regards