Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2002 - stock prices not downloading since 6/02/2023

When I do an auto update most of the times program closes. If it dosnt close when my auto updates start I get a message tellin me -

Quotes -10 out of 20 securities serviced, missing symbols are … … … … … … ….

Historical Prices - no status message

Currency Exchange - 35 currencies exchange rates updated

Financial Institutions - Updated

In fact no securities where updated if they were its only upto the 6/02/2023

I tried to open in administration mode and got a message telling me:- Reckon Accounts is unable to find a vailid licence for this computer, this may be because your licence needs to be refreshed, you have modified your computer or have installed the software on a new computer. Your licence permits you to one installation only. You will need to connect to Reckon to update your licence details. Do you want to do that now.

I reinstalled Reckon and called Reckon and updated details, they wouldn't help me with my problem told me to go back to community

I have also seen an error code 80 on my Reckon Accounts Activation screen

I did a restore on my computer a while back for something else, I don't suppose this may have had something to do with my problem??

Thanyou , Chris


  • GerryWinter
    GerryWinter Accredited Partner Posts: 1,152 Personal Range Expert Personal Range Expert

    I can fix this issue but i am currently on holidays in NZ back at the end of the month if you can wait that long.

    Gerry 0418907140 

    [email protected]

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell Member Posts: 12

    I would prefer not to wait but if nothing else comes up I have no choice. Dont get me wrong I am not being ungratefull. I am glad you got back to me. Just I am getting a bit frustrated. Talk to end of the month. Enjoy your holiday, NZ is a great place.

    Thankyou, Chris