Is there a Receipt capturing Ap for Reckon Hosted

I have just migrated back to Reckon Hosted from MYOB. But I cannot find a receipt capturing ap for Reckon Hosted. Like Dext etc.

Does anyone know of one that is compatible with Reckon Hosted please?


  • cosmic
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    what do you like to capture Bunnings receipts etc ?

    What about Bill Pdfs?


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  • malcolm_10861933
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    Hi, Yes I have petrol receipts, Bunnings, Coles, etc plus also supplier invoices on pdfs

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    Ok great

    We can get you going

    call me on 0407068942 pls


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  • Alexis_10864454
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    This sounds like a fantastic idea. My current process for updating bills is to manually check emails for new invoices, print off and then re-enter into reckon accounts hosted. It is very time consuming as this has been the process my previous colleague had done. I have encountered the odd email that has been missed or lost.

    I had heard of MYOB's capability to cut my current process in half and am excited to hear their could be a way to achieve this with reckon.

    Could someone please inform me on the details.



  • Acctd4
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    Hi @Alexis_10864454

    If you give Chandra a call, he’ll be able to answer your questions on it as he creates these tools ☺️

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