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I have extraordinary long file name for my Reckon Personal Plus product. eg typically like this qdata-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXXX etc etc I believe this is a potential cause for Reckon failing to boot and returning to the original start screen, whereby I am asked If I am new to Reckon. Fortunately I have full daily backups at hand to recover, but this is happening several times a month, and I wish to fix it now. I wish to change the name of the Reckon file. Please instruct me as to the best way to achieve renaming the file. For example do I rename the start up file and then Backup the newly renamed fie OR Do I rename the Backup file and reload the renamed backup file. Please provide detail instructions for whichever option is appropriate Thanks Greg "


  • Rav
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    Hi @GregBlake

    1. From the File menu, choose File Operations, and then choose Rename.

     2. In the Rename Reckon Personal Range File window, select the file.

     3. Enter a new name for the file in the New Name for Reckon Personal Range File field. Make sure that the new name is less than eight characters long, does not contain any non-alphanumeric characters, or spaces.

    4. Click OK.

  • GregBlake
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    Many thanks Rav.

    File renaming now sorted.

    Thankyou Greg