Printer not Activated -60


I have a customer that have issues for the last few days with when they try and email invoices they get the error " Printer not activated, error code -60" We have done all the normal things of remove printer reinstall printer. The About page of the printer says its "Licensed to Reckon limited"

On some of the Amyuni support pages say that RDS servers need a different license key to work and this is on the RDS server. How do we get the RDS Amyuni keys if thats what needed? This setup has been working for years but last week stopped.

Environment is

Server 2019 RDS.

Reckon accounts enterprise 2022


  • Rav
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    Hi @Screwloose

    I'd say the best starting point in getting to the bottom of this would be to have a chat with our technical support team so a technician can have a look into this with you.

    I did find a help guide which I'll link below but I'm not sure how much value it will provide based on the troubleshooting you've already conducted so I'd recommend having a chat with our team.

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  • Tim_T
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    Im getting the same thing - Server 2022 Std Edition

    • Was working and then stopped - Printer says Activated to reckon

    I have removed , reinstalled/repaired things with the same issue

    Was thinking of purchasing a license directly from Amyuni to see if this resolved it

    @Screwloose - Did you happen to get a fix to your issue?