Share price update only occurs once a day. Home and Business 2022 Release R1

I am a new community member but have used Home and Business as well as as old Reckon products for some time.

Using Home and Business 2022 Release R1 only gives me an update to share prices once each day. If done a second time on the same day it "goes through the motions" but doesn't actually make the changes to share prices.

Is this a user error? or is there a patch,etc

Older software (desktop version, not annual licence) gave appropriate shareprice updates.

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  • Rav
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    Hi Peter

    Share price information becomes available to download/update in your Reckon software once per day at approximately 9pm on a business day which is a little after the ASX have released share and options data for that day.


  • GerryWinter
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    You can download at any time of the day but it will always only reflect the closing price of the day before.

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  • Peter_10865552
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    Thanks, a little disappointing but I guess I can manually adjust the "quote/price field" to the current price of the day if I want to accuracy or consider trading. Otherwise using the capital gains estimator is not very accurate when you have various lot numbers to juggle.