Current Ratio, Single bill split into different class/tracking and Amendments of bills in One go

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I am new to Reckon accounts hosted. switched from Xero.

1) would it be possible to generate/view different Ratios (liquidity or Operating Surplus Ratios) in Reckon Accounts Hosted?

2) our nature of business is to operate and get results with different departments, so we created different class with their subclasses. My question is When we receive ONE BILL (like electricy/telephone/etc for the company), How can we share that expenditure to different class or subclasses?

3) Can we do amend bills (change of account, class) , if we get through filter option in Reckon Hosted?

Appreciate for answering the above queries......Thanks

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    Yes if you already have classes setup you just have to split the one bill to two or more lines


    telephone. 100. Class abc

    telephone. 150. Class xyz

    telephone. 50. Class jkl

    and the bill total up the top will be 200

    I hope this is the information you are after