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Hoping someone can help. I use Simplified BAS to cross check all my BAS figures. For many years I have just been able to open the simplified BAS, check dates correct and config it. Today all the Tax items had disappeared that were previously highlighted. I started putting them back in however G2,G 3, G10 and G11 are all greyed out and I cant do anything with them. I thought maybe it was just the file however we have another company with totally different file/account and it is the same. Has something happened that would have caused this.

Hopefully someone can help me.




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    Hi Leanne,

    It might be that on the Config screen, you haven't ticked Include GST on this BAS. Or, if Include GST is ticked, and Simpler BAS is also ticked, I believe they would be greyed out since with a Simplified BAS they are not reported. Try unticking Simpler BAS and run the report again to see if they change. HTH

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    Hi Leanne

    @JudyA is correct - This will be due to having Simpler BAS ticked in the Config window:

    Pre-July 2017, asset purchases (G10) & operating/other expenses (G11) were also reported in the BAS but since then, the majority of businesses were transitioned to the Simplified BAS which only requires income (G1) + GST collected (1A) & GST paid (1B) as compulsory labels to be reported.

    You just need to untick this checkbox & that will enable prefill/editing of those additional labels again ☺️

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    Thanks that worked. Weird how it all of a sudden changed.