Cant Find ABA file

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Hoping someone can help. I am teaching an someone how to do the pays. They have done the payrun and got to the online banking centre and created the ABA file which they saved into my Q Drive. We use Nab Connect and they went to upload the file but cant find it. I am in a different location therefore my first question is can I view their my q drive and search for it, if so how. My next question is I tried to view the ABA file history and there is nothing there. I thought I could delete the aba file that way it would go back to online banking centre. we could re create and then try again. Given there is nothing there I dont know what else to do.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Kris_Williams
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    No you can’t recreate the aba file, I believe all you can do is delete the pays and redo them. When you save the file it goes to the Q drive, so if you went to that folder, click on the word date modified, it will sort them by date and you just arrow to the top and you should be able to see the file. I download to the computer and lodge through online banking, not familiar with NAB Connect

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    Thanks Kris, I thought that was the case. Luckily we were able to find the file in the q drive. It had saved in a different folder. Just took going through every folder to find it.