PAYPAL - What are best practices to enter and reconcile all PAYPAL transactions in Reckon Hosted?

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Hi, is there anyone in the community who has got experience in using PayPal in their business and who feels have nailed how to do the bookkeeping for all transactions that go through PayPal, especially with regard to RECONCILIATION? We are new to PayPal for business and keen to get started with the right foot. Thank you in advance to those willing to spare 5 mins of their time to share their tips with us πŸ™‚πŸ™


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    Yes, create a PayPal Bank account.

    Enter all income transactions via Sales Receipts that deposit directly IN to this PayPal bank account:

    Record all fees/outgoings via a Write Chq OUT of this bank account:

    This leaves a net balance in the PayPal account equaling the net amount you receive/deposited into your main bank account.

    You then enter a Write Chq (or Transfer Funds - I prefer using a Chq for more detail) to transfer this:

    Your PayPal account should always come back to $ 0.00 (or whatever the balance is in there):

    You then reconcile this account just like your normal bank account:

    TIP: Memorise the entries as a guide to enable simple - & correct - re-entry, anytime:

    That way, you only need to change the specific detail on each (eg Dates, Items, Amounts) but the main features & process is retained 😊

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