Home and Business 2021 - How do I add my company details to Invoice Template

I have the latest version of Reckon Home and Business on Windows 11.

I have selected the Company Address on the Invoice Form Designer.

Where do I populate the Company Address so that it shows on the Invoice?

Thanking you



  • GerryWinter
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    Forms Designer



    and fill in you address etc.

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  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Click Business menu (top menu bar)

    Invoices & Estimates

    Design Forms

    Create Invoice / Estimate

    Make sure you are on the Invoice Default Layout

    click the drop down arrow and click <Customise>


    Tick Conmpany Address

    Click the Arrows next to Company Address

    Complete the company address information

    Click OK

    Click Layout (top left)

    Click Save

  • PMP
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    Thank you to both Gerry and Robyn,

    I was doing what you suggested, however, the data was not showing 'live' on the Template, so I didn't believe it was working. Found the print button which printed the Invoice correctly.

    Thanks again.

    Peter 😀