Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023 is now available! 🆕

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Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023 is now available! ✨

Hi everyone!

We're super excited to let you know Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023 is now available!

The new edition can be downloaded from the Reckon Members Area or our Software Downloads page. Check out the new updates this year with Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023!

STP Phase 2 compliance ⭐

Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023 is STP Phase 2 enabled! After upgrading, simply update your employees and payroll items using the Migration Assistant to prepare your data. You can then process your first pay run under STP Phase 2.

STP Phase 2 Migration Assistant ✔

The new Migration Assistant will help you easily update your employee and pay item information to STP Phase 2 requirements. Check out how to use the Migration Assistant HERE.

Multiple tax table support for 2 financial years 🧮

Businesses no longer need to wait until their last pay of the 2022/23 financial year has been processed before upgrading. Pays processed in both the 2022/23 and the 2023/24 financial years will have the correct Tax Scales applied to them.

Note: All pays processed after upgrading to the 2023 edition will be lodged via STP Phase 2.

Superannuation guarantee default rate increase ➕

The ATO has announced an increase to the default superannuation guarantee rate as of 1st July 2023, from 10.5% to 11.0%. Reckon Accounts 2023 contains this update.

2023/24 PAYG tax tables 📆

Changes to income tax tables will take effect from 01 July 2023, including the Student Loan repayments. The new tax rates are automatically calculated so you are always paying the correct amount.

  • Check out the full list of features in the article below.


We strongly recommend that you read our Installation & Upgrade Guide linked below prior to installing the new 2023 edition to ensure your installation process is as smooth as possible.

If you use a third party application to integrate with Reckon Accounts, please to talk to them first before you upgrade to ensure the app is compatible with the latest Reckon Accounts.

Questions ❓

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for answers to common queries in regard to upgrading and STP Phase 2 -

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