Setting up Salary Sacrifice item in STP2

Hi, I have successfully upgraded to the new RA2023 (desktop) and completed the STP2 migration except for Salary sacrifice. Can you please advise how should this be entered as a Payroll item. Also do I need to do anything additional to our existing Super items?

Many thanks Denise

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  • Denise Durant
    Denise Durant Member Posts: 35

    Thanks for the info Rav, I appreciate your help.


  • Loretta Wisdom-Zagon
    Loretta Wisdom-Zagon Member Posts: 36

    Hi Rav

    Following up on above info. I have allocated 'S' to salary sacrifice and yet my Total Gross in STP lodgement is still showing as the Adjusted Gross (Gross minus the salary sacrifice). I suspect that this is not correct? What else could be incorrect?

    When in the STP portal and I drill into the employees concerned under 'Employee Payments' it shows salary sacrifice 'S' and under that box in 'Other Payments' shows Super 'Type L' and Super 'Type R'. Is this correct?