Superannuation Reporting Error and Payment

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We made an error in the reporting of the payment of superannuation for an employee who is no longer with us. We have also already submitted our EOFY final reports through the STP finalisation process.

This employee we paid fortnightly and their super submitted quarterly through the SBSCH. The SG super they were entitled to was correctly reported to the ATO through STP but their super reporting through the SBSCH was incorrectly recorded and paid (overpaid by $200). We are not particularly concerned about the overpayment but we now have discrepancy in our books which we cannot purge. It seems as though it is not possible to write a journal entry showing an increase in the super paid and crediting it to the employee. The other aspect is that the ATO will now have 2 figures for this person's SG super for the year which do not match, not sure what complications this will cause. Any suggestions on how to "fix" this in our books?


  • AndrewN
    AndrewN Member Posts: 14

    Still waiting on any ideas on what we can do.