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I have moved to STP 2 and are preparing to lodge with ATO but the holiday hours used for an employee is not on the exported pay run. It is on payroll totals. I have checked that holiday hours are typed other leave O


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    Hi Jenny

    Not sure what you mean by “not on the exported pay run”

    Check the pay run date selection in your Process Single Touch Payroll window - STP updates YTD balances (rather than just the specific pay run’s figures) so if you’ve created another pay run since that one that includes this employee, it should still be reflected in the YTD.

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  • Jenny Byrne
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    When I upload, after exporting the payrun and check details it has my hours worked but not the holiday hours so my gross going to ATO does not match the payroll total I printed out. I have gone back into the payroll list and checked holiday hours item and it is showing as other leave(O). I went into my pay, removed holiday hours and then added holiday hours back in, still not showing when I upload.

  • Jenny Byrne
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    I have now got the correct figures. It just so happened that holidays hours same as allowance for another staff and that was not showing. All good now. Thanks Shaz