Pay Slip is confusing for staff. Hide Rate and Qty based on Payroll Items

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the payslips. The amounts I pay the staff is always correct but sometimes the play Slip is showing the wrong hourly rate or quantity. My staff are on salary.

Is it possible to hide the Rate and Qty based on the payroll item in the Payslip or has anybody got a template that I can import that might help?

The below is just mock data and what we need to see.  

In the above example:

·        Staff do need to see the Qty used for their leave entitlements Items. If they use 8 hours Annual Leave for the month, they need to see that. They don’t need to see the hourly rate and because it’s a salary item, I can’t change it anyone.

·        They don’t need to see the Qty for the Salary Item. It just confuses them.  T

·        They do need to see the Qty and Rate for the items such as Time In Lieu and Holiday payout.

I hope what I’m saying makes sense. Like I said, they are always paid correctly but the Rate and Qty for the salary items can do some crazy things.  


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    I've fixed this.

    I left Salary as a Yearly Salary and changed the other items to Hourly Wage. ( Annual Leave / RDO's and Sick Leave)

    Now when I enter those items, it doesn't impact on the Yearly Salary values but still reduces the entitlements for those leave types.

    Wonderful :)

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    Good on you, well done. Sometimes it just takes some experimenting

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    Good stuff @blairmuller ! 👍️

    Is there a reason why you're specifically using the Salary Payroll Items rather than Hourly ? They don't work well when Paycheques change & other "quantity/hrly" components are needed to be added/deducted. A true "Salary" is where an employee gets paid exactly the same amount every pay, regardless of the hours they do/don't work, therefore I only ever use salaries for employees such as Directors who get paid a recurring fixed (Salary) amount every payroll cycle.

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    Thanks Shaz

    Yes it does but I think I have the solution to fix it. Having said that, I’m always open to better ways.

    Salary is basically how I’ve been paid all throughout my career since I started in IT.

    We pay our staff monthly a set amount, it makes super payments easy, and it also makes their leave entitlements accrue easy. Same amounts each month.

    It’s also great for the staff and helps them budget. They get the same amount each month.

    I also pay out RDO’s if they want them and TIL once it’s accumulation to a set amount.  I know this is not the true Salary idea but to me it’s the best of both worlds.

    If I did not have them on salary, wouldn’t their wage change each month? Also, how would I setup reckon to accrue their leave entitlements as they are based on the hours they work?