I have one employee missing from my EOY STP upload

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For some reason one employee has not been picked up in the EOY STP final upload.

It also looks like for some reason this employee has not been included in any of the STP file uploads.

Can you please advise asap.


  • Lucas
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    Hi Bakerc,

    This sounds like you may have accidently ticked this option in the employee record:

    Please do the following

    1. Navigate to Contacts Centre
    2. Go to employees.
    3. Select the employee.
    4. Go to the tax section.
    5. Ensure that exclusions are unticked for the employee.


    Kind regards,


  • Bakerc
    Bakerc Member Posts: 16

    Hi Lucas

    Thanks for speedy reply, sorry should of mentioned I'm using Reckon Accounts Desktop.

    Can you provide assistance with this?

  • Rav
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    Hi there @Bakerc

    I'll move your post over to the Reckon Accounts desktop category so its in the right place 😊

    The suggestion from @Lucas above also applies to Reckon Accounts as well although looks slightly different.

    Take a look at the 'Exclude from Payment Summary and STP' option within the employee profile by going to Payroll and Compensation InfoTaxes

    If its ticked, remove that and then recreate the STP .json file to send through GovConnect.

  • Bakerc
    Bakerc Member Posts: 16

    Brilliant, thank you.