Do I have a problem?

Lance Arthy
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I use time sheets to assign employees, the type of work they do and the hours they work to a Customer:Job. These time sheets are then used to create an invoice for that customer.

By some craziness I don't understand Accounts Hosted has started finding different hours and types of work when it comes to creating the invoice for the one customer. I can manually adjust the invoices to what they should be but it's just annoying this is now happening.

I run both RAH and the Enterprise desktop version and it's only RAH with the issue.

Any suggestions for a fix?


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    Hi Lance

    Well that certainly seems odd 🤔

    Are the other entries correct but just not supposed to be Billable or are they not even actual entries in the first place ? If they’re correct but not meant to be Billable, it sounds like the default Billable checkbox tick hasn’t been removed.

    Are you Verifying your company files regularly ? This checks for any data corruptions.

    I’d suggest running the Verify Data & then - even if it doesn’t pick up any anomalies - running the Rebuild Data THREE times (for some reason, 3 rebuilds fixes a lot of issues!)

    Both of these options are under the File dropdown menu > Utilities

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  • Lance Arthy
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    Thanks Shaz.

    I do regular data verification. You've given me some hints for other things to look for before I'll try a data rebuild. A rebuild, if needed, can wait until I've done end of the month stuff.