Online Banking Centre versus Bank Data - fast coding?

AKUNAM1998 Member Posts: 8

I would like to have our bank transactions automatically (or semi auto) fed into our accounts hosted files. Or somehow download that information....

I have set up bank data, fast coding, connected, linked and added feeds but im unsure if this was actually the right thing to do. The fast coding looks complex!

Im now trying to find the online banking centre and its nowhere on my hosted file!


  • klaura
    klaura Reckon Staff Posts: 138 Reckon Staff

    Hi AKUNAM1998,

    Reckon Hosted allows importing electronic bank statements by using the manual upload process.

    It is recommended to use a QIF file. This function is located under Banking> Import Bank Statement

  • AKUNAM1998
    AKUNAM1998 Member Posts: 8

    Thank you for your reply.

    NAB Connect only exports csv. files. How will I get this into reckon hosted when its asking for a qif.?