Unable to access Reckon Payroll

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Hi there,

Is there anyone who can help me to find out the issue?

I transfer from Reckon One to Reckon Payroll, but it said I do not have permission.

See attached.

Thanks in advance.


  • klaura
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    Hi JLDORA,

    Check the branch number field in your Reckon One book by going to Settings ➑ Book Settings ➑ Branch Number

    If your ABN does not have a specific branch number the default is 001.

    Please ensure there is a valid entry in this field and itΒ matches the branch number for your existing STP entity in GovConnectΒ and select Save.

    Also, please check if your ABN in your Reckon One book has spaces

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    Hi Klaura,

    All fixed. It's very helpful.

    Thanks for your quick response.

    Much appreciate.