Payroll Premier user - is there a user guide for Reckon Payroll

Hello, I have watched all the Webinars and some discussions for switching to Reckon Payroll From PAYROLL PREMIER. I have had the migration done yesterday, and I understand all I need to do for STP 2.

But, for Payroll Premier users that have never used Reckon One, is there a guide that shows the actual payroll processing procedure, eg. ABA file export etc. A lot of the discussions and videos are for Reckon One users, this is very foreign to someone who has only used Payroll Premier. Thank you


  • klaura
    klaura Reckon Staff Posts: 47 Reckon Staff

    Hi Gayle_10863666,

    Reckon Payroll uses reckon One to create an ABA file. If you use the Product Switcher to return to your Reckon One book, go to Banking>Bank Payments. A new ABA creation experience specific to Reckon Payroll is also on the cards and is scheduled currently for next quarter.

    I have also attached here a KB article that will guide you through the process:

  • Gayle_10863666
    Gayle_10863666 Member Posts: 32

    Thank you, appreciate the quick reply, I didn't realise this, I'm slowly understanding how it works. Appreciate the link and feedback that clarifies how this works.

  • Jennie Kemp
    Jennie Kemp Member Posts: 19 ✭✭

    My first attempt at a pay run after upgrading from Payroll Premier and I got an error - Journal transaction has no account set - what does this mean?

  • klaura
    klaura Reckon Staff Posts: 47 Reckon Staff

    Hi Jennie Kemp,

    I'm sorry you had to go through that. 

    It appears that our Dev team has received a report about this and is looking into it. 

    Once it has been resolved, I will update you. 

    Best regards.