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Hi champs! Where do I go to access the log of all entries and/or changes in Reckon by date, user etc? Please and thank you in advance if you can help ๐Ÿ™‚ Marco

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    Reports - Accountant - Audit Trail, and then modify to meet any more specific needs that you might have


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    Success. Thanks @Bruce_7113752

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    @marco_petershearer If you're just after how & when, creating a memorised "Session Report" is very useful.

    • From the Edit dropdown (along top toolbar) > Find
    • In the Filters box, select Entered/Modified & choose or enter the applicable entry/change day or date range
    • Select Detail Level in the Filters > Summary only, then click Find
    • Click on the Report button
    • Close any unneeded columns by dragging the separating diamond o the right of a column heading across to the left
    • Click on Modify Report & on the Display tab, untick (left margin)
    • Tick Entered/Last Modified & Last Modified by
    • Under Sort by, select Entered/Last Modified from the dropdown & your preferred Sort in order preference
    • On the Header/Footer tab, overwrite the default Report Title with a relevant name (eg "Entered/Modified ..."
    • Click on OK

    You can now see a time-stamped list of all entries/edits on a specified date & by which User !

    Click on Memorise to add this report to your Memorised Reports List so you can generate/tweak it as required. If this is something you want to view regularly, you can even add it to your Icon Bar for 1-click access:

    To do this ...

    With the relevant report/window open, click on View (along top toolbar) > Add "xxx ..." to Icon Bar ...

    Give it a relevant name so you know what it is - Keep these short so they don't take up too much space! You can also choose a specific icon image (optional), then click OK.


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