Leave Balances Report different to the balance on the pay slips?

I printed a Leave Balances report after completing the first pay run. The balance of leave accrued for all our employees on the report is the same as is appearing on their pay slip. I selected the same date as the pay run.

However, one day later, I printed out another Leave Balances Report for the same date and checked this against the payslips and the balances do not agree. This is the case for every employee.

Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Angella
    Angella Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    I have found that the Leave Accrued report goes off the date paid...not the pay ending date.

    Some of the pays we process have a date paid before their pay period ending date and some dates paid are after their payroll period ending date, so its inconsistent. The leave accruals should be for period ending date just as Payroll Premier had it.

  • Lambert Kitchens
    Lambert Kitchens Member Posts: 34

    Hi Angella

    I agree, the accrual date should be the period ending and should be the same until the next pay is processed as was the case in Payroll Premier.

    Have you had confirmation of this?