Pay run for three periods

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Hi All,

We migrated to Reckon payroll - I have been doing a dummy run for the Christmas period - 2023.

With payroll premier,I could enter # 3 (3 weeks) pay period and it works out the tax over 3 weeks.

But I have put the unscheduled dates for a 3 week period into Reckon payroll but it only works out the tax over 1 week.

Can this be done or do I have to do weekly payruns for the Christmas period?

Please can someone advise.

Thank you.🙄


  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 105 Reckon Staff

    Hi @EMcM,

    You would need to create weekly pay-runs for the Christmas period as this is not a feature for Reckon payroll at the moment to create a 3 week period and calculate the tax amounts.

    But you can create a suggestion on and our dev team will look into this for you.

    Thank you and have a lovely day.



  • EMcM
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    Hi Lucas,

    Really appreciate you getting back so quickly.

    That is annoying but it is what it is 😏

    Thank you for your feedback.