Superannuation amounts not displayed in pay run - STP2

BobW Member Posts: 5 āœ­

Hi Everyone

We have been using the phase 2 reckon payroll with no issues for 4 or so pay runs.

All has been fine until the last 2 pay runs where super is not displaying next to a majority of employee's names ? However if you click on that employees details it does show an amount has been caculated for them.

The only time i can think of where i have adjusted anything within the super information is when i added a new employee recently

Any help appreciated



  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 105 Reckon Staff

    Hi @BobW,

    Could you please provide further clarification on the issue and potentially a screenshot?

    If you could please send me your email privately, I can request access and take a look for you.

    Thank you.