Moving Reckon Personal Plus or Home and Business to a new PC – Legacy KB ID:5705

I have read the document quoted above but I am still unclear on some points which I hope someone can clarify for me.

From the 5705 document, points are as follows:

1) “Clean up your datafile on your current Machine”. I think this is the Reckon Accounts QDF data file?

2) “Make a back-up to the compressed *.rkn format”. So I just do a normal backup at this point which will produce a “RKN File” that I copy to a USB Stick.

3) In my Documents folder, I have created a File ReckonHAB with two subdirectories: Backup and Current.

4) “Copy your data file to Documents\ReckonHAB”. So which data file do I copy a) “Reckon Accounts QDF data file” or b) the “RKN File” that I have copied to the USB stick?

5) once (4) is sorted, I will have three files in Documents\ReckonHAB – Backup / Current / and the file from point (4).

6) “copy your backup to Documents\ReckonHAB\Backup”. I don’t know which files to use here? Is it the file named “Backup”(which includes the five backup copies) in my old computer or something else?