Reckon Accounts Hosted update - Microsoft Office integration 📄⤴️

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick update about some minor changes to the Reckon Accounts Hosted Microsoft Office integration that have come into effect.

We have rewritten the Office integration functionality within Reckon Accounts Hosted to ensure we are able to continue supporting this functionality into the future as we make further system updates.

While we have kept the functionality as close to the existing as possible, you will notice some small differences including..

🆕 Excel export format

The Excel export feature will now use the XLSX format! 🙌

This replaces the older XLS format, offering improved compatibility and features as well as supporting over 256 columns on export.

🆕 Minor text label changes

In-product text labels have been updated. For example, text that previously stated 'Export to an Excel workbook' will now simply say 'Export to a workbook' and 'Import from Excel' is now 'Import from Spreadsheet.'

These changes do not affect functionality.

🆕 Reckon Financial Statement Designer

Exporting to Excel and Word from the Reckon Financial Statement Designer will no longer be available in Reckon Accounts Hosted. For more information click here.

For full info on the changes with this update, check out our help guide below -

If you have any questions related to this update, please feel free to reply below 🙂


  • cosmic
    cosmic Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 1,065 ✭✭✭

    Love to know if there are many users using this Financial Statement Designer .

    Many years ago , i have meddled with Desktop version , but always struggled.

    Any feed back on RAH love to hear

    Thank you

    Cosmic Accounting Group

    Accountants and Tax Agents 22397009

  • probbo
    probbo Member Posts: 10

    Would this be why we were getting Unexpected errors creating Estimate Letters last week & why today our Estimate Letters are now changing font sizes from what is on the letter template to what is on the created letter? Also had Sales Order templates telling me today that the font is not installed (we have been using these templates etc without issue for 18 months).....Any possible association or is this just an unfortunate coincidence?

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @probbo

    It wouldn't have had any impact last week prior to late Saturday night 11 November as the update wasn't in the Hosted environment then. We did however have a little hiccup in regard to missing fonts which came to light yesterday (info HERE) which is now resolved. If you haven't already, we recommend logging out of Reckon Accounts Hosted fully and then going back in and the missing fonts will be restored.

  • probbo
    probbo Member Posts: 10

    Thanks @Rav I ended up using a different font on the sales order (arial narrow missing) as it was only used in a Note field on the sales order to get around the problem.....good to know it wasn't just me & this missing font issue has been resolved.

    Could our issue with font size changing between letter template & letter created be related to this update/font issue? On Friday 10/11 our Estimate Letters worked fine without font size issue (before update), however since yesterday (13/11) the font size is changing.

    Eg: We have our address etc in the header of our estimate letter template as Calibri 10, however when the letter is created from this template it changes to Calibri 12 (no longer fits in header/text box). The Estimate Table («EstimateDetailsBordered») column widths have also changed in size as to what would previously be created

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Thanks @probbo, good info.

    Can I just confirm now that the fix for the missing fonts went out yesterday afternoon, is this still occurring for you if try today (or whenever you have a chance). If so, can I get you to download the letter template this is occurring on and send it through to me as an attachment in a private message and I'll ask our dev team to take a look.

  • ShelleyG
    ShelleyG Member Posts: 11

    Hi Rav

    We have missing totals on our excel reports - I have tried both email and exporting payroll and financial reports in several company files and all are missing the totals

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @ShelleyG

    When the file is exported it will be in Protected Mode which I believe also prevents some macros which are present in the report from being displayed in that mode. If you click on Enable Editing it should sort that for you, I've created a quick screen recording showing this below (click on it for a larger view).

    There is also more info with an additional solution that will prevent this from occurring in our help guide HERE.

  • ShelleyG
    ShelleyG Member Posts: 11

    Thanks works perfectly. 😀

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    📢 UPDATE

    Hi folks,

    I've just posted a new announcement related to upcoming font changes in templates in Reckon Accounts Hosted following the Office integration update above.

    Check it out here - Changes to the fonts available in custom templates in Reckon Accounts Hosted 📄

  • Therese R
    Therese R Member Posts: 17

    HI Rav

    When I export a job costing to excel, under the new XLSX format, then download it, the format of the blank cells is Text rather than number. This is annoying when needing to add more numbers such as markup's or additional costs not in the accounts. It means I have another step to highlight all the blank cells where I think there might need to be a number and reformat to number.

    I never had this issue in the old format of xls.

    Any suggestions?

    This appears to happen for the columns that have numbers in it. I can input numbers but if I input a formula the formula is typed and a conversion to number has to be made.

    For the columns adjacent to data the cells have General formatting

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Therese R

    After speaking with the product team about this, there are some fairly technical aspects to this. With the updated integration, the fields used by the exported report are set to General (or whatever format they were set as under the previous export) however fields outside of what the report itself uses are set to Text. The XLSX format is capable of a much higher volume of rows & columns and as such, some exports were generating at a much, much larger size (in some cases 100x larger) if the General format was applied across the whole sheet.

    The team looked at potentially adding in a buffer of 10 rows of General format fields however that resulted in issues with scrolling ie. if you scrolled down you would land further down than the end of the report instead of on the last line.

    So with all that said, at the moment if you want to work in fields/rows outside of the report itself you will need to change the format type to what you'd like it to be. I would however recommend raising this as an idea on our Ideas Portal HERE particularly if a buffer of rows with the General format would be useful for your workflow.

  • Therese R
    Therese R Member Posts: 17

    Thanks Rav. It does sound technical I agree. I will propose via the Ideas Portal though to see if they can't work something out. Given that the XLSX format provides more capabilities one would like to think this kind of thing could be addressed.

  • CherieD
    CherieD Member Posts: 5

    I have totals on my excel export that do not match the report on screen, specifically Inventory Valuation Detail. Report in the system is perfect, but data appears to be missing in the excel export.

    Screen Total

    Excel Export Total

    Can you please advise how to correct this.

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @CherieD

    I've just flicked you a reply on your other post. Lets chat there 🙂