First day of the week

Zappy Accredited Partner Posts: 5,309 Accredited Partner Accredited Partner

Have we changed the first day of the week in the reports yet?

The week in my town runs from Monday to Sunday NOT Sunday to Saturday

This bug was identified in 2017

Can we fix this?

Please and thank you

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  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,195 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Kev, happy new year 🙂

    I believe this is something that has been inherited from the former Intuit codebase. I certainly agree that it makes more sense to have it start on Monday however there hasn't been much demand for this from users. As you'll see the feature request for it (HERE) has only received 4 votes since 2018 so the team are looking to prioritise idea submissions that have higher votes ie. are more popular as voted by users themselves.

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