Leave accrual value (OTE Value) in Payroll leave balance report is not correct

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I updated 3 employee annual salary in Dec due to salary review and processed payrun on 22 Dec. When I generated Payroll Leave Balance Report on 9 Jan, I find that the OTE Value of leave balance for these 3 employee are based on old salary, not new salary. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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  • Tanvi_kataria
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    Morning @Patrick_8319167

    Regarding this, when we update the employee salary and create a pay run, it refreshes the OTE Value as per the new salary amount in the report or just needs a refresh.

    Would you be comfortable sharing the book with support, for us to check and investigate. I have tested on my end (Sample Book) and it updated the OTE Value as soon as I changed the salary amount.

    As every book has different settings, would be helpful to know more on this if you can provide us with the permissions to view and have a look for you.

    We are required with Email Address, Name of the Company Book, Name of employees with Salary Review. You can message me directly. Feel free to let us know for any concerns/issues. Thank you!



  • Patrick_8319167
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    Thanks Tanvi. I will message you all the details