How to fix Leave Loading calculations.

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Hi there,

I have created new Leave Loading payroll items to suit our business etc...However all steps taken to create this new item is just like the old one, however this newly created payroll item for Leave Loading is calculating all income at 17.5% instead of just the Annual Leave.

Why is this? and How do we fix it?



  • Nickiu
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    I think we'll need a bit more information on the setup of the items you've created and using in your pay runs. Can you provide a screenshot of the item settings and specify the outcome you're looking to achieve.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Nick,

    eg: This is how it was before, Holiday Loading was calculating Annual Leave only: 17.5% on Annual Leave total like this:

    Now when i put in Holiday Loading, it calculates 17.5% across Normal Hrs, Overtime etc like this:

    Holiday Loading figure should have been $50.54 not $272.65