Personal Plus launches, asks for data file passcode and opens but remains minimized on desktop?

I've just renewed my licence and installed the new installation key. But now when I launch the sofware it seems to not fully open and instead remains minimized on the desktop? It will show any pop up notifications but won't open up the full software view?

I have uninstalled the software, restarted the computer and re-installed. This has not helped.

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  • GerryWinter
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    it is in your windows settings maximise and save to your task bar


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  • 948516
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    Thank you very much Rav. This took a bit of time and I worked through it methodically alongside my work IT Administrator to make sure I was getting it all correct. I have now reinstalled and have full access to the software again. Never seen a more beautiful sight. I have 20 years of data using Reckon Personal Accounts and manage a lot of personal investments, so it was very distressing when the software wouldn't work. Thank you. Thank you 😘