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Is reckon able to have two types of Leave Loading 17.5%, as we'd like to have the leave loading coded individually to COGS and EXPENSES for job costing.


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    Dear @Karina_9242901 ,

    Unfortunately, you cannot create new Leave Loading items for Annual/Holiday leave. The default items are the only ways of handling leave loading.

    To prevent Loading from occurring on every item (which is what would happen if you created a new Leave Loading item), you would need to journal these figures into COGS/Expenses depending on which account you assign the default Leave Loading to.

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    Hi @Karina_9242901

    Yes, you can 😊

    It is actually necessary to set up additional Leave Loading Payroll Items for STP2 as this needs to be classified separately when paid out on termination anyway.

    However, only the system-default one recognises annual leave, to trigger the calculation automatically. Therefore, when creating additional ones, these require a slightly different setup to the default, which has Neither selected.

    Instead, additional ones need to be setup to track by Qty or Hrs (as highlighted):

    The $ amount of annual leave (for the system to calculate the 17.5%) is then manually entered in the Quantity box on the Paycheque:


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    Excellent post @Acctd4 . Forgot about that little trick - otherwise it would calculate on all payroll items. Will make sure to update our knowledgebases for that.

    Apologies for any confusion @Karina_9242901.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander McKeown