How to process the ETP payment in Reckon Host 2023 ( Desktop)

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Software: Reckon Host 2023 ( Desktop)

It is my first time to process the pay run for a terminated employee in the Reckon.


Final payment to the terminated employee

Can I enter the terminate day in the pay run. Only Process the payroll just like the normal pay run plus adding unused annual leave and unused sick leave?


Do I need to set up ETP in the Reckon?

If so

How do I set up & process ETP's in Reckon?

Thank you


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    HI shi,

    When you use the Termination wizard under Employee>Employee Organizer. You will have the option to create a final pay.

    Enter the termination date in the Final pay for the dismissed employee. Process the final pay in the same way as you would for a regular pay run, including any unused annual leaves. And make sure that the ETP is calculated according on the employee's termination reason.

    Please consult your qualified Advisor, Accountant or Fairwork Australia for this information.

    I hope it helps.

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    An ETP is only applicable for the following scenarios:

    • Unused RDOs
    • Unused Sick Leave
    • In Lieu of Notice
    • A Gratuity or 'Golden Handshake'
    • Invalidity payout
    • Certain payments following death of an employee
    • Compensation (for loss of job or unfair dismissal)
    • Taxable component of a genuine redundancy or early retirement scheme
    • Transfer of property value

    NOTE: ETPs are not applicable for a normal termination/resignation that doesn't involve any of the above (including payout of unused Annual/Long Service Leave)

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