Reckon Payroll update! ✨ EOFY for registered advisors, EOFY improvements and more!

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Reckon Payroll has received a long awaited update that brings in both improved functionality but also fixes some niggly bugs. Check out the inclusions in this release below!

✅ Fix for employees with only an initial YTD balance not appearing in EOFY finalisation

The issue where employees with only an initial YTD balance and not been included in a pay run not appearing in an EOFY finalisation has been fixed in this release.

🆕 Registered advisors can lodge EOFY finalisation directly from Reckon Payroll

Recently we introduced the ability for registered advisors to submit STP submissions on behalf of a client directly from within Reckon Payroll without the need to go into GovConnect.

In this latest update we've extended this functionality for registered advisors to submit the EOFY finalisation directly from Reckon Payroll without having to separately go into GovConnect to send the EOFY submission.

🆕 View FBT on EOFY finalisation

For improved transparency and better assist our users with their EOFY reporting, the balances of FBT which has been added to an employee will now appear on the EOFY finalisation screen.

Prior to this, users were required to view these balances via an employee's individual profile.

When entering FBT values, you can choose between non-exempt or exceeding exempt and any value you enter will be displayed on the EOFY finalisation.

🆕 Collapsible sidebar on EOFY screen

The sidebar panel on the EOFY screen will now show regardless of whether the report has been generated or not which will make screen display and navigation easier

🆕 Tooltip on super fund product

We've added a handy little tooltip on the superfund product field in the initial YTD screen to assist you in how to find the relevant fund

🆕 'Something went wrong' error when trying to submit to ATO

A new notification has been added to inform users who haven't marked their software ID as registered or completed all required company details.

🆕 Employee history for rehired employees

Added an update to ensure termination history is displayed on the employee profile for a rehired employee

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