Printer is not activated error code 20 after upgrade to Windows 10



  • Steve CookSteve Cook Member Posts: 164 ✭✭
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    Thanks Jason.
    Please also test with MS Office 2016. Especially Outlook 2016
    See this thread:

  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 616 ✭✭
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    I'll see if I can sneak an upgrade through on my expenses Steve :)

    I'll also pass the noted thread update re attachments through to the QA lead as well as the RA product owner.

  • Jamie N Nicole MorescoJamie N Nicole Moresco Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Jason, I've had major issues after upgrading to W10. Wish I hadn't now. I haven't been able to Post/Transfer daily transactions since upgrading. Now that I have sold my business and my support is due I cant afford to purchase support for help. Hopefully you have a solution.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,787 Administrator
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    Hi Jamie,
    Might be best to pop this question in a new thread so we can discuss it specifically there.

    From the sounds of it you're referring to POS, is that correct?

    Which version are you using?
    Do you encounter any error messages (or anything else) during the process?

  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 616 ✭✭
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    Hi Andrew,

    I do not wish to turn this into a Q&A piece as the thread has already been contaminated. You can talk to us directly as you have done in the past if need be, however to clarify for future readers:

    While still VERY beta, it [windows 10] would have given Reckon some signs of the troubles coming.

    And this is what was done. We have thousands and thousands of users. We have not seen a high '%' of users with issues. However, the QA team are aware of issues with Win 10 and also latest Outlook versions and I am sure they will make this a priority this year.

    Make them [update patches] optional?

    That goes without saying and is what we are investigating. 

    Its funny, chrome can update users machines every 6 weeks without problems or user interactions

    Chrome is a completely different architecture to Reckon Accounts. User and partner feedback has sent us a strong message that we should not push updates onto users. As above, we are reviewing optional updates, but again many aspects come into play such as third-party add-ons, multi-user sites and so on. Please remember a high percentage of users are not as technically savvy as yourself, and indeed many wait until the tax patch so they only need to do one update per year.

    Yet many years ago Reckon use to release patches a few times a year to address bugs and issues for 'free'

    That is unfortunately factually incorrect. The only recent year we released multiple patches was 2008 when we moved to a new GUI and SQL database. This version encountered quite a few issues including one that effected the DB.

    Multi-currency was also not in the original release so was included as a patch around 6 months later. This (08/09) release was the exception, not the rule. In recent releases we have released the database update and the tax patch in late June.

    Hopefully that exhausts this discussion. I have done my best to explain our position. We have taken the feedback on board (most definitely) and hope to answer many concerns with the 2016 product release.

    Until then, please offer addition commentary that is not related to assisting the original query in this thread by contacting us directly or starting another thread.

    Thank you,
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