Accrual accounts and reporting GST on a cash basis. Tax detail report(cash tax) only shows GST amoun

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Using Reckon Accounts 2016.
In the tax detail report(cash tax) it only shows the GST amount in the 2 columns(original amount and paid amount). Is there any way to also show the gross or net amount paid in this report?


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    Hi Carmelo

    There are many reports, I need a little more info, what is it you are actually trying to achieve or do with this report. i.e show all purchases & tax for a period & for what purpose.

    Are you trying to reconcile a suppler account etc.
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    If the tax detail report(accruals) shows GST and amounts paid columns, why can't the cash tax report show the same columns.
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    No, not on these reports. However, if you create a P&L detail report, you can add in the Tax Code and the Tax Amount on the report and then save this in memorised reports for use when needed.
    If you want to show totals for Income and Expenses separately with totals for each, then you would create 2 reports, one for sales only, and then another for expenses only.
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    Like I said Carmelo, there are lots of reports, some you can add tax to some you can't what is the outcome  you hope to achieve by the report.  What is it you want to be able to look at & why.
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    The standard reports are created for certain purposes and may be modified to some degree by adding or removing columns. But some of them are locked to a certain degree because of the information they are feeding from, which is not always accessible with other data.
    Some people use them as they are and others find them not suitable for their needs; which is why you can always create your own reports and save them in memorised reports as I have mentioned below.

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    Thankyou for your comments.

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    Hi Carmelo,

    Just to add to the helpful posts already on this thread,

    The tax detail reports on a cash basis produces two reports Cash Detail Report (Cash Tax) and Cash Detail Report (Cash Net).

    Only on a accrual basis can you get a tax AND net on the same report. 

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