cash or accrual?

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Where do I let Recon know if my accounting is on a cash or accrual basis?


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    Hi Rene,

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    Head into Settings > Tax Settings > General 

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    Hi Rene,

    My reply relates to Australian books however the same info applies for NZ & UK books however the accounting basis terminology is slightly different.

    So there are actually 2 areas that control this.

    For tax reports, navigate to Settings > Tax settings > General

    The tax reports applicable are:
    * GST Summary
    * Tax code transactions
    * BAS

    For the non-tax reports, navigate to Settings > Report settings > General

    The non-tax reports applicable are...
    * Profit and loss
    * Balance sheet
    * Trial balance
    * Account enquiry
    * Top 10 customers
    * Top 10 suppliers
    * Top 10 income accounts
    * Top 10 expense accounts
    * Dashboard widgets (Net position, Top customers, Top suppliers, Top income & Top expenses)
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