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Well I have a new laptop and the text is very blurry when I open my file unless I zoom down to 80%, which is then too tiny to read.  It would seem from the hours of trying to find a fix (including phoning Reckon Technical Support) that the DPI resolution is too much for Reckon Hosted.  There is a sort of a fix as per this post
Except that for Reckons Hosted you don't have a shortcut or program icon anywhere.  Any suggestions?  It is very annoying as I had no choice but to buy a new laptop as my 2.5 yo one was dying, but when you do with just the latest Windows 8 and a high resolution graphics card coming out on all computers, you can't even do your daily work without a headache. 


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    Hi Debra,

    The only things I can suggest is to adjust your display settings until you find the best resolution in Hosted.  You can also try increasing and decreasing the browser zoom%.  There are no settings inside the application itself that control display.

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    Hi Debra
    Its better with Windows 10.
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    Thanks Shane, but this has been tried on every possible setting and also had to get our computer tech guy out (paid bill) and he couldn't find a solution or even happy medium.

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    Thanks Jenny.  This is very helpful as this was the only thing we thought we could try but nice to have a bit of evidence that this might be the right move.

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    Edit: I typed Windows 8 .... should be Windows 7

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