Any advances on faster printing out?

LorraineLorraine Member Posts: 22
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It still takes me 8 Clicks to print out 1 quote. To get same job into invoice, factory work order, delivery note and address label takes over 40 mouse clicks and delayed waits. Before cloud based this used to take 5 clicks and no waits to get printed out copies. 

Please advise when and how this is being addressed. I can see over 8,000 similar sentiments and still no solution!


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,775 Administrator
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    Hi Lorraine,

    There are improvements in the pipeline for the overall environment that Reckon Accounts Hosted 'lives in' and this will bring enhancements in a number of areas including the print process. I cant get into any timeframes as yet as there are still a few hurdles to overcome and work to be done but I'll make announcements on the Community as we get closer to this.

  • LorraineLorraine Member Posts: 22
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    Thanks for the feedback Rav

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